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Annoyed. Irritated. Frustrated. Angry

The normal emotions we all feel, but nobody wants to admit.


After all, we live in a world that celebrates positivity. We write in our gratitude journals, we post about our random acts of kindness, and we preach the value of seeing the bright side of things.


But what if you’re carrying a deep, dark secret…


That you actually feel MAD sometimes?


Maybe you’re constantly bickering with your partner. Or you can’t stand your boss. You’re annoyed by other drivers, and you're kid's teacher is tap dancing on your last nerve.


Most likely you try to push away those negative thoughts. You try to convince yourself that others have it worse, and you should be grateful for what you have. You feel guilty for being ungrateful. You feel shame – like you’re a bad person. And you might feel disconnected from people around you.

Then what?


For a long time, the only therapeutic solution fell under the umbrella of anger management – conjuring up thoughts of court-orders and a life of crime. That’s not you. And you know you don’t want to end up on a psychologist’s couch for the next 10 years.


But wouldn’t life be easier if you could get a handle on it all?


You can.


Because anger is simply an emotion like any other emotion. It’s not a personality trait or a diagnosis. But it is a protest from deep inside you, telling you that something isn’t right.


That’s where I can help.


We all have things that trigger us. Things that bring out big emotions. I’ll work with you to recognize what’s happening inside you – to really understand it.  This isn’t a one-size-fits all program that you’d find in a book or video. This is a deep dive into your inner world – your unique experiences, background, needs and disappointments. Our goal -together – is to find solutions that make life easier, day to day. Less frustrating. Less annoyed. More connected to yourself and others around you.

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