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Get out of Gridlock

I help people work through relationship trauma. 

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Toxic Romance

A bad relationship can take on a variety of forms....and solutions. Some people want to fix it, some want to move on and heal from it, and others may be stuck in limbo on whether they want to stay or go.

Perhaps you're burdened by issues from the past that tarnish your current relationships. Whatever the root cause of your own personal suffering, I can work with you to untangle the problem and get on a path toward feeling better, and more clear-minded.


In working with my clients, I utilize the same scientifically-proven techniques used by the military to reduce the symptoms of PTSD. This gives me the ability to work with you in understanding how earlier experiences have shaped your current thoughts and beliefs.

If you're worn down by difficult emotions that go along with a failed (or failing) relationship , there are solutions. I give you a safe space to unpack the issue, and equip you with techniques that allow you to become more aware and in control of your own mind, body, and nervous system. The goal is a customized path toward healing and well-being.

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