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I help people get "unstuck"

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Are you in a rut?

It's normal to have negative thoughts - we all do. But over time, these thoughts can become ingrained in our minds as core beliefs that impact our feelings and actions. How do you know when this is happening? Everything seems hard - especially your relationships.


You may go through each day with a constant feeling of being stuck… “off”…or “just getting by”. Simply put, you may become totally comfortable with being uncomfortable.

I can help you turn things around - by helping you understand yourself, your mind, and what’s happening beneath the surface - driving your thoughts and behaviors. This awareness can provide you with a sense of clarity – to finally notice it. You’ll learn why you do the things you do, and feel the way you feel. You’ll come to see that your thoughts and reactions are really just your way of adapting and protecting yourself. You’ll learn to approach these situations in new ways without shame and self-punishment.

Why? So you can feel better. So your life can have meaning and enjoyment. It’s not just talk. I'll equip you with tools and skills to help you to start feeling better once and for all.

My Approach

I believe in experiential processes. This means I won’t lecture to you or force my opinions onto you. Instead, you’ll learn by doing – having conversations, imaging scenarios, reflecting, and pausing to notice things that may have slipped by you before. The goal is to look at your own life through your lived experiences, but using a different lens.

In the world of counseling, we say that nothing changes until something changes. While this may sound obvious at first, many of us hope for things to be different while doing things as we’ve always done them. Through experiential sessions, you’ll break through and transform by taking a new approach. This can include:


  • Becoming aware of your own needs and improving your connection to yourself

  • Identifying patterns that have appeared and reappeared throughout your life

  • Considering your relationships and boundaries from a new perspective

  • Reprograming yourself in a way that allows you to disconnect from your default thoughts and reactions.

  • Updating stories in your life that may be outdated

Who I've worked with/for over the years...

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